Brazil: Overview of corruption and anti-corruption

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Published on 16 December 2014 as a TI Helpdesk answer
Can you provide an overview of corruption and anti-corruption efforts in Brazil?


1. Overview of corruption in Brazil

2. Nature of corruption challenges

3. Overview of sectors and institutions affected by corruption in Brazil 

4. Legal and institutional anti-corruption framework

5. References


Corruption remains one of the main challenges faced by Brazil, affecting the quality of services provided, infrastructure and overall investment in the country. A recent grand corruption scheme allegedly involving high-level politicians, executives from the Brazilian state-owned oil company and the largest construction companies draws attention to the country’s systemic failures that open opportunities to mismanagement and corruption. Such opportunities come from the political finance environment, the politicisation of key government positions and weak oversight mechanisms which, combined with a rather ineffective judiciary, contributes to fuelling the culture of impunity that permeates the country. Brazil needs to reform its political system and ensure that existing laws are implemented and enforced.

Author(s): Maíra Martini, Transparency International, [email protected]
Reviewed by: Marie Chêne; Dieter Zinnbauer PhD, Transparency International
Publication date: 16 December 2014
Number: 171

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