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Global Corruption Report: Climate Change

The Global Corruption Report is the first comprehensive publication of its kind to explore the corruption risks related to tackling climate change. ...

Global Corruption Report published – Jun 2011

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Transparency International warns climate summit to demand accountability to prevent corruption

In a report published today, Transparency International warns that although progress has been made to increase transparency, accountability and ...


How corruption affects climate change

Corruption and climate change are closely intertwined.

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A tale of four funds

Climate finance is essential in catalysing global and national efforts to safeguard the environment and people’s lives, and to avoid serious ...

Report published – Nov 2017

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Protecting climate finance: progress update on the Climate Investment Funds' anti-corruption policies and practices

In 2014, Transparency International published its first Anti-corruption Assessment of the Climate Investment Funds. The assessment reviewed the ...

Report published – May 2017