Media Advisory: Now is the time for G20 to tackle corruption

Issued by Transparency International Secretariat

In the lead up to the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia next week the Transparency International movement and its partners in the fight against corruption will send a clear, loud message to G20 leaders to put anti-corruption and money laundering at the top of the G20 agenda. Plans include:1) publishing an open letter to G20 leaders; 2) releasing a collective message on social media that will reach up to 2 million people and 3) holding a press conference in Brisbane.

1) Open letter to G20 leaders
On Monday 10 November we will publish an open letter signed by two Nobel Peace Prize winners and more than 20 leaders of anti-corruption, humanitarian and human rights organisations outlining the concrete steps G20 leaders must take to stop stolen public money that could be used to alleviate poverty from crossing borders. The letter calls on leaders to tackle secret company ownership and require multinationals to publish more information on their operations and taxes.

Open letter to G20 leaders
10 November 2014
00.01 Brisbane time
(9 November, 15.01 CET)
Available online

An embargoed copy of the letter is available upon request. Please publish in full.

2) Thunderclap launch

Also on Monday more than 1000 Twitter and Facebook accounts will send the following Thunderclap message to up to 2 million people around the world:

“I’m against secret companies being used to smuggle money for the corrupt. #G20, its time to #UnmaskTheCorrupt ”

Thunderclap launch
10 November 2014
12:00 Berlin (CET)

Please donate a Tweet or Facebook post to the Unmask the Corrupt campaign.

3. Brisbane press conference
On Thursday 13 November we will hold a press conference in Brisbane on the topic “Corruption and the G20: What’s at stake” in collaboration with Griffith University.

Brisbane press conference
“Corruption and the G20: What’s at stake”
13 November 2014
15.00 Brisbane time
Location: Ithaca Foyer, City Hall, Brisbane

Please contact Maggie Murphy for details.


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