International Anti-corruption Day

New public opinion survey shows widespread public alarm about corruption

“Today’s survey shows that people believe corruption is deeply embedded in their countries. When a poor young mother believes that her government places its own interests above her child’s, her hope for the future is dampened. Corruption can be rooted out when people join together to change the system that facilitates it,” said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International.

Anti-corruption media campaign

Transparency International’s television advertisement: Think Again!

Based on the theme, “Think you can’t fight corruption? Think again,” the ad challenges the view that corruption is inevitable and cannot be fought. It is a stark reminder that corruption has victims.

TV Spot "Think again!" is available in the following languages:

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Activities around the world

On December 9 TI National Chapters across all continents will be recognizing the achievements made to date in the fight against corruption as well as the challenges that remain.



Contact details


Dissemination of posters, media events for GCB and Court Watch Survey. A resolution will be compiled form the main civil society groups to the Government and Albanian Parliament regarding taking measures to fighting corruption. Public gathering in saying “Stop” to corruption.

E-mail: [email protected]


1) Press Release + Media campaign centred around the conventions (UNCAC + African Union) and the importance of their ratification/implementation
2) Members’ gathering 
3) Workshop on “a Maghreb-based anti-corruption initiative” , together with Friedrich Naumann Foundation, with guests from “North Africa”, combined with launch of TI Arabic Source Book.
4) Publication of their 5th Newsletter
5) Various media events and workshops in smaller cities throughout the country

Email: [email protected]



Barometer launch

Poder Ciudadano publishes and Ad in a national newspaper

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Launch of National Integrity System Assessment


Press Conference Barometer

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Press Conference Barometer

Costa Rica

Un pequeño foro con estudiantes sobre Financiamiento político

Dominican Republic

conference barometer launch



Presentación del plan de reforma del Código Penal para la aplicación de la CICC
Press conference barometer launch


Workshop on National Integrity System (NIS)



Launch of integrity booklet ‘Say Yes to Integrity and No to Corruption’

invitation, see: 


Barometer launch

See media advisory on


Event on Anticorruption Conventions




Press Release

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Show own Anti-Corruption TV spot on Mediaset Channel (4-11 Dec)


Impressions from the International Anti-Corruption Day activities of TI Yemen

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Press conference barometer launch



Anti-Corruption Conference


DECLARATION “0” Corruption Tolerance Transparency International Macedonia


Anti-Corruption Conference


Launch Source book in Arabic


Lanzarán el premio de integridad

Round table “Pobreza, VIH/SIDA y Corrupción”

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Papua New Guinea

Anti-corruption Event

ogramme, see: 


Press conference barometer launch



Seminario de contrataciones públicas


Campaign with posters and TV spot

Solomon Islands

Organisation of a Partner’s Meeting

Email: [email protected]

Sri Lanka

National Integrity Award Ceremony


Press Conference Barometer
A series of activities to mark the International 
Anti-Corruption Day was co-organized by TI Taiwan 
and the Integrity Department of Taipei Municipal 
Government from 8-9 December, during which TI Taiwan 
published several surveys they recently finished, 
among them were the Urban Integrity Benchmark; 
Integrity Survey of Taiwan Tax and Custom Authorities. 
The Mayor of Taipei also chaired one seminar on the 
“Business Integrity” which was participated by the 
European Chamber of Commerce Taipei, Simens AG, 
Taiwan Branch and some other Japanese, Canadian 
companies in Taiwan. The Integrity Department of 
Taipei Municipal Government signed a pledge with 
some community colleges on Anti-Corruption. On 9 December, 
TI Taiwan and Judicial Reform Foundation held a press
conference to release TI’s Global Corruption Barometer.


Best Investigative Report Award


Press Conference

Email: [email protected]


School poster competion and exhibit on corruption

Email: [email protected]


Foro para alcaldes sobre el Indice Municipal que lanzaron en octubre y presentación de publicación

Press conference barometer launch

Invitation, see: 


1) Theatre plays; three representations: Wednesday 7, Thursday 8 and Friday 9
2) Art exhibition around corruption with awards being attributed on the 9th
3) They will probably weave in the launch of the Barometer


For any press enquiries please contact [email protected]


Support Transparency International

Is Hungary’s assault on the rule of law fuelling corruption?

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Three priorities at the Open Government Partnership summit

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Civil society’s crucial role in sustainable development

Key players in the development community are meeting in New York for the main United Nations conference on sustainable development, the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). Transparency International is there to highlight how corruption obstructs development and report on how effectively countries are tackling this issue.

Comment gagner la lutte contre la corruption en Afrique

Aujourd’hui est la Journée africaine de lutte contre la corruption – une occasion opportunité pour reconnaitre le progrès dans la lutte contre la corruption en Afrique et le travail significatif qui reste encore à accomplir.

How to win the fight against corruption in Africa

African Anti-Corruption Day is an important opportunity to recognise both the progress made in the fight against corruption in Africa and the significant work still left to do.

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