National Integrity System Summer School

The first edition of the Lisbon NIS Summer School consists of an advanced course aimed at understanding corruption and how to fight it. The course is devoted to elective and public officials, businessmen and private sector employees, non-governmental organizations activists, journalists, university students and other stakeholders interested in eradicating corruption and promoting transparency.

The course covers governance institutions responsible for fighting corruption - commonly known as “National Integrity System” (NIS) -, the causes and effects of corruption, and undertakes a comparative study of governmental and non-governmental, public and private, domestic and multilateral tools designed to curb corruption and promote transparency worldwide.

The course is taught in Portuguese and includes expert seminars, group discussions, and research labs. Participants will be expected to draft an integrity work plan that fits their individual needs and professional contexts. Cost is €150.

Applications to be submitted from 2 April to 31 July .

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Institute of Social Sciences - University of Lisbon
Avenida Professor Aníbal Bettencourt, 9
1600-182 Lisboa

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[email protected]

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Read a by Joao Paulo Batalha of our Portuguese chapter.

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National Integrity System Summer School

03 - 08 September 2012
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03 September 2012
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08 September 2012
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