Brazil Battles Corruption: Is Your Company Ready?

The fight against corruption is changing the way of doing business in Brazil. Anti-graft legislation making its way through the Brazilian congress will extend to the corporate world the zero-tolerance policy introduced by President Dilma Rousseff within her own government. How prepared is your business for the new law? How does it compare with other major laws that international companies must comply with? What compliance programs will you need? What business risks do you face?

In this complimentary event, Thomson Reuters Foundation will guide you through the anti-corruption landscape for doing business in Brazil. A leading destination for international investment as major sports events come to Brazil and a country with a strong legal framework, knowing how to operate successfully is essential to your growth in this fast-growing market, which makes this a must attend event.

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Brazil Battles Corruption: Is Your Company Ready?

05 November 2012
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05 November 2012
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Thomson Reuters Foundation
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